The course will be held at the Champalimaud Research (CR), within the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (CCU). The CCU is located by the Tagus River, in Lisbon, in the area of Belém.

Located within the main building is the interior tropical garden which is open to the public, and offers a beautiful view from the research floor. The garden is overed by a glass pergola, it creates an ideal microclimate for the development of plants from Brazil, Africa, India, Timor and the Far East.

The CNP, a programme of the Champalimaud Foundation, was created in 2007. It is a basic research team with the broad aim of understanding brain function through integrative biological approaches. The team is composed of 17 main research groups and 2 associated labs who study diverse topics in neuroscience using advanced, cutting edge, techniques. CNP laboratories apply advanced molecular, physiological and imaging tools to elucidate the function of neural circuits and systems in animal models that include Drosophila, mouse, rat and zebrafish.

Public transportation to CCU.

  • Train (10 min + 10 min walk): Take the train (direction Cascais) from Cais do Sodré station (Metro: “Cais do Sodré” green line). Exit in Algés. When exiting Algés train station, go down and then to your right towards the river.
  • Tram (30 min + 10 min walk): Take the 15 tram from Praça da Figueira. Exit in Largo da Princesa. Cross the bridge to the other side of the train tracks (on the same side of "Vela Latina" Restaurant) and walk to the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (river will be on your left).
  • Taxi: A táxi ride from downtown Lisbon should cost between 5-10 €. Tell the driver to take you to the Centro Champalimaud, em Belém, at Av. Brasília, Doca de Pedrouços.
  • Note: A shuttle bus is provided to take you to and from the hotel to CCU.

The map below shows the location of the Champalimaud Foundation.